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Snake Myths & Misconceptions

Snakes can't get fat: False 

I've seen people say things like, snakes will only eat as much as can fit in their belly or snakes won't eat when they are not hungry. While that might be the case for some snakes, it is not common. Most snakes in the wild are opportunistic feeders, meaning if food c…

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Pet Snake Myths

A few pet snake myths that I hear over and over again.

Feeding live prey will make my snake more aggressive: False

First understand snakes are not aggressive but can be defensive if scared or stressed. In the wild snakes are not more "aggressive" because they are feeding on live prey, they are si…

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Snake Repellents: Myths

Do store bought snake repellents work? NO

I'm sure you've seen them at every garden center. A number of products like Snake Away & other packaged snake repellents. Most of these products contain sulfur or naphthalene (moth balls) and a host of other, inert ingredients. The bottles will be covered i…

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Snake idenfication myths

You can tell if a snake is venomous by the shape of the head: FALSE

This is 100% false. I'm sure you've heard that a snake with a diamond shaped head is always venomous.  There are a number of non-venomous snakes that when frighten and being defensive can flatten their heads to give a more "diamond…

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More snake myths

Pet snake myths:

Ball pythons will just go off fed, it's normal. 

This is a hard one, because in part it's true and part it's false. Breeding males will sometimes stop eating during breeding season, and most females will stop eating once gravid. But this is not always the case. Baby snakes sh…

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Common Myths About Snakes

I wanted to start this page about common myths surrounding snakes. Some of these myths I'll go over will be about snakes, snake care and reptiles in general. Please follow along as I'll be updating this page often!

Wild Snake Myths & Just General "Old Wives Tails" 

Snakes will hunt or "chase"…

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