Currently we sell extra feeders when we have them available. In the coming months however we plan on upping our rodent breeding program to supply feeders to the East Texas area. All our feeders are on Mazuri rodent breeder along with supplements and treats (our rodents eat better than we do sometimes) Our rodents are pet quality at feeder prices. Sorry but we do NOT ship frozen feeders at this time & we can NOT ship live rodents. Rodent orders at this time are for pick up ONLY
Rodent orders can be picked up any day of the week at our shop. Just contact us to place your order. or for faster servie text your order to (903) 245-1217 Or you can call in your order during regular business hours Fri-Sat 10am to 7pm (903)581-7750. Orders can be paid for using cash, credit card or PayPal. For PayPal payments please give us your e-mail & we will send over an invoice, do not send payment without an invoice. 
Feeder insects:
Flightless Fruit Fly Cultures: 32oz size $10 each buy 2 or more $8.50 each
Mealworms: 100+ count cup $5 each
Springtails: 8oz culture $15 each buy 2 or more $10 each
Dubia Roaches (Blaptica dubia): Small & Medium mix-25 for $8 (larger & smaller roaches price will vary)
Alchemy Reptiles Rodent List
Mice Live Frozen
Pinky (no fur) $1.50 $1.25
Fuzzy $2.00 $1.50
Hopper $2.50 $2.00
Small to Medium $3.00 $2.50
Adult $3.50 $3.00
Jumbo $4.00 $3.50
Rats Live Frozen
Pinky (no fur) $2.00 $1.50
Fuzzy $2.50 $2.00
Pup $3.00 $2.50
Weaning $3.50 $3.00
Small $4.00 $3.50
Medium $5.00 $4.00
Large $6.00 $5.00
Jumbo $7.00 $6.00
Colossal (retired breeders) $8.00 $7.00
African Soft Fur Rats Live Frozen
Piny/Fuzzy $3.00 $2.00
Juvenile/Small $5.00 $4.00
Adult $8.00 $7.00
All frozen rodents humanly euthanized with CO2